Raina Vlaskovska born in Sofia, Bulgaria is a Bergen based photographer working with historical photographic processes and large format camera.

The last six years she has been dedicated to practising wet plate collodion which is one of the first photography process invented in 1851 and was the main photography medium till 1880. Wet plate collodion process defines her photographing to be with old brass lenses, wooden large format camera, glass cutting, and self-mixed chemistry.

"Practicing photography as a craft with the all raw chemistry which sometimes bring a lot of unexpected occurrences on the image. In my practice with the process, I can't stop be surprised how relevant can be the reaction of the chemicals with the presence of the model. How the process reveals our energy." - RV

Her academic background is BA in photography from the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria and Master degree in fine arts at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2016. For master's project, she was making wet plate collodion portraits of the emblematic black metal musicians of the Bergen's black metal scene.

Her passion for photography started from a very early age. Raised in a house with grandfather photojournalist she has been introduced to the black and white photography and darkroom environment which in subconsciously way define her photography interests and artistic development.


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