Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia Bulgaria, 2019-2020

Self portrait with old collodion chemistry, 2015 
Light box 37.5/45/10 cm

The exhibition includes works by artists of Bulgarian origin who  works in the Nordic countries and are influenced by the culture of that region. Curator Nia Tabakova has invited Lora Dimova and Leda Vaneva (Finland), Raina Vlaskovska and Rosina Ivanova (Norway), Evelina Dobranova (Denmark) and Julian Tabakov (Sweden) to participate. 

The project seeks to avoid the stereotypes of national identity and instead focuses on the blend of individual experiences of the artists who have both common roots and a shared geographical and intellectual direction of development. Through this exhibition, the viewers will be able to get a closer understanding of Nordic culture as seen through the prism of artists whose impressions, mixed with their personal origin and cultural overlays, create an entirely new perception of the Scandinavian context. Their artistic practices explore current subjects related to environmental, social, political and technological issues that can also be related to the Bulgarian reality.

Wet plate chemigram print on textile 150X185 cm

Self-portrait in photo studio at Vaslerelven 8, 2015
Light box 115/86.5/10 cm

Kristian Gaahl Espedal, 2018
wet plate collodion on clear glass 4X5 in an oak frame with museum glass

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